Hi! My name is Robert Whalen

Currently an Associate Software Engineer for Ivanti, powering engineers through developing internally consumed tooling and webapps with proficiency in DevOps and MERN development.



Expanding Horizons

A 24-year old self-made UK-based software developer. I first sparked an interest in Computer Science largely due to my childhood being surrounded by video games. From there an obsession was born on understanding the inner workings of the very algorithms powering my competitive experiences and once I had to choose to specialise in one direction academically and carve the path out my career will take, my strong and storied history in mathematics and physics spearheaded my progression in software development, a craft I have been honing for the past 4 years between university and extensive work experience.

Aside from working hard and forever expanding my skillset using platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight, I tend to enjoy hitting the gym as an former 28 stone powerlifter, cooking, playing competitive video games at a high level and otherwise reconnecting with old friends. If any of what I have said seems of interest to you, then please do not hesitate to send me a message on RobertWhalenBusiness@hotmail.com


Education & Employment

2019 - 2023

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Sat under Liverpool John Moores University, First Class with Honours. Graduated with an average of 79% across all modules, featuring modules centered around object-oriented programming, AI and discrete mathematics.

2021 - 2023

Software Engineering Intern

I largely spent my time as an intern both "cleaning" up the repository under the principle of DRY, and having a major part in taking an intern-led small-scale application all the way to having it's name known and recognised company wide across all owned subsidiaries for it's usability and integrations.

2023 - Present

Associate Software Engineer

Liaised with security teams to implement code scanning created by multiple 3rd part vendors in pipelines company wide. Built and launched an ideation forum for engineering to voice their opinions / suggestions on ongoing DevOps developments within the company.

Technology and Skills

Core Competencies

ReactJS - Skill
TypeScript - Skill
Git - Skill
MongoDB - Skill
Scss - Skill
NextJS - Skill
Python - Skill
ExpressJS - Skill

Other Technologies I Have Experience With

MySQL - Skill
Java - Skill
REST - Skill
NodeJS - Skill
Back-End - Skill
GraphQL - Skill